New report: Biogas can be produced significantly cheaper in 2030

A new report from the Viegand Maagøe consultancy firm shows that there is great potential for increasing the amount of biogas, while at the same reducing the price of biogas production by over 42% by 2030. Nature Energy recognises the potential for production to be twice as cheap as early as 2029 compared to today.


Today, Nature Energy and Viegand Maagøe are presenting an entirely new report, which demonstrates the potential for producing significantly more biogas in the future, while at the same time making it much more efficient and therefore cheaper. Amongst other things, the report shows that there is a potential to save a total of 42.2% of the global costs of biogas production by 2030 compared to today.  


“It is clear from the conclusions of the report that it will be possible to produce much more biogas in the future and that it can be done significantly cheaper. This is very good news for the green transition,” says Nature Energy's CEO Ole Hvelplund and continues: 


“Nature Energy’s efficient large-scale plants mean that we can halve the costs compared to current levels by 2029, and thus our need for subsidies will also decrease in the long term,” says Ole Hvelplund.


Viegand Maagøe's CEO, Søren Eriksen has been looking forward to publishing the new report, which in his opinion highlights the green potential of biogas. 


“The report shows that biogas should play a vitally important role in the green transition. In fact, enough biogas can be produced to replace all gas with carbon-neutral biogas - and above all, this would result in a social surplus,” says Søren Eriksen.  


Facts relating to the report 


The new biogas report entitled “The biogas sector's competitiveness and contribution to the green transition” was prepared by the Viegand Maagøe consultancy firm. The report can be downloaded (Danish only) here.  

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