Paving the way for a sustainable future by turning waste into value

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    When working at Nature Energy,
    you contribute to a successful
    green transition

    A career at Nature Energy puts you right in the centre of the green transition. You’ll take part in our mission of providing a sustainable future by changing the way the world is powered. Nature Energy is a global organization with a Scandinavian heritage. We value and appreciate our employees which you will experience in all the offers and benefits that comes with the job. Dive into our career section and check out the vacant positions, our thorough recruitment process and comprehensive onboarding.


    Our contribution

    +5.1 mio

    tonnes of food waste and manure are converted into biogas every year

    +207 mio

    m3 biogas per year


    tonnes CO2 reduction per year


    The potential of biogas in the
    green transition

    Biogas is the very definition of a circular economy. When we process food waste, manure and industrial waste through a biogas plant, we get green, CO2-neutral biogas. This green gas can be used to heat homes and supply energy to businesses. Green gas makes your pork chops and cheese sandwiches environmentally friendly. Green gas can make your bus journeys and flights CO2-neutral.

    About Nature Energy

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    Green transport

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    Our plants

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    Our history

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    Green growth
    for the entire world

    Nature Energy will produce biogas all over the world and contribute to solving the global climatic challenges. We are currently one of the world’s leading producers of biogas on the international market and are experiencing great interest and demand for climate-friendly biogas. We at Nature Energy will therefore disseminate our knowledge of biogas on a global basis and we are already well under way.

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