Nature Energy will produce biogas all over the world

We will play a significant and active role in the transformation of the consumption of energy throughout the world


The international vision is becoming more and more prevalent at Nature Energy, and we already own and operate a biogas plants in the Netherlands in addition to our 13 plants in Denmark. Furthermore, we have had our first ground break for a biogas plant in France, and in the coming years we will invest billions in building biogas plants in Quebec, Canada, together with Énergir. And our ambitions are even greater.


The global climatic challenges require new initiatives - and therefore, we at Nature Energy will disseminate our knowledge of biogas all over the world and contribute to solving these challenges.


Over the years, Nature Energy has developed into a key player in the green transition, and we are experiencing great interest and demand for biogas plants on the international market. Therefore, our ambitions include investing in new, large-scale biogas plants in several European countries and in North America.


The business model for Nature Energy is global by nature, as our biogas plant is basically designed to be located and operated anywhere in the world.


The positive cooperation with the local farmers, companies and citizens is highly valued when Nature Energy enters a local community. For example, Nature Energy uses the local farmers' livestock manure and waste from local industry and citizens to convert into climate-friendly biogas. It is also important for us to hire employees that live locally and in the vicinity of our plants. This means that the growth of Nature Energy goes hand in hand with the growth of the local community we are in.


At Nature Energy, we have embarked on our international growth adventure, and the journey is far from over.