Vores Værdier

Om Vores Værdier


We take the lead

We assume the responsibility to mature the green gas sector. Therefore, we have the indisputably highest level of quality, ingenuity and sustainability. We constantly raise the bar to keep on improving our products, services, processes and results.


Great ideas can come from everyone

We are on a big mission. All contribute by improving our ways of working to improve our results. Everyone is encouraged and empowered to bring up new ideas.


Together we can do more

We live as one team with each other, with our partners and with our customers. We know we are dependent on each other if we want to create the best results.


Customers are our first priority

We do our best to satisfy our customers, support them in achieving their objectives, and support them in the green transition.


We cultivate change

We seek and cultivate opportunities. Our curiosity gives us the desire to grow, and our competence gives us the confidence. We maintain a long-term focus while creating great results as we move along.


We make things happen

We have liberty and the competences to handle issues quickly for our customers and for each other. We appreciate great ideas and thoughtful strategies, and, we fully enjoy bringing them to life.