A growing green future


Today, biogas is an important part of the green transition in Denmark. The share of biogas in the Danish gas net is now more than 38%. 


Research shows great potential in biogas 

Even though we produce great amounts of biogas today, and thereby make the gas in our collective gas net greener every day, it is still possible to produce even more biogas in the future. 


The knowledge- and innovation house, SEGES, and University of Southern Denmark have investigated how big the potential for biogas in Denmark actually is. The research revealed a potential for producing as much as 90 PJ biogas (approximately 25.000 GWh) or more in Denmark yearly. This is the equivalent of 2,5 times the amount of gas demand in Denmark by 2030. 


If we exploit the full potential, we can produce enough green energy to supply the entire Danish gas net, for instance. And if we add the potential of Power-to-X, it is possible to produce substantially more green energy, thereby making it possible to make the main part of the Danish road transportation climate friendly. 


Power-to-X creates new green opportunities 

When producing the green fuels of the future, Power-to-X will be an important part of the solution. And here, biogas has an essential part to play as the green Power-to-X fuels can be created by combining CO2 from biogas facilities and hydrogen from green electricity. 


In other words, we can extract even more green energy from our biogas facilities with Power-to-X. Energy, we can transform into liquid fuels making shipping and air transportation climate friendly, among other things. 


At Nature Energy, we have been researching Power-to-X for a long time and we are already in the process of testing the technology in one of our biogas facilities. This means than we will be able to launch Power-to-X full scale within a few years. And not just in one facility – but in all our facilities. This is our clear ambition and what we work for every day.