Our business model

Large-scale is the way to achieve more and cheaper biogas


Our business model is characterised by the fact that we operate some of the world's largest biogas plants. Large-scale production is a key condition for us to be able to supply more biogas to society in a fast and cost-effective manner. We pursue the sole objective of optimising and reducing our production costs, thereby making biogas cheaper. Large-scale production plays a vital role in this area.


At Nature Energy, we build, own and operate our plants

At Nature Energy, we have our very own unique business model, which we call build, own and operate.


We do everything by ourselves and are very proud of this fact. The first phase of our work is to find a suitable location for our biogas plant. Our ambition here is to make our plants as locally based as possible. Among other things, we do this by creating local jobs when we build and operate our plants. And by employing local drivers who are familiar with the local areas when the waste is transported to our plants. 


We also design and build our plants. In that way we make sure that our plant fits perfectly into the local environment and harmonises with the regulations of the respective municipality, the local types of waste, nature and the local population, who will be getting a biogas plant as a neighbour.  


The future of biogas in an international perspective

The climate crisis is global, and at Nature Energy we see great potential for increasing biogas production in several countries and contributing to the overall green transition internationally.


We are experiencing great interest from all over the world, where biogas plants are in demand as an important element of the transition to a more climate friendly society. Here at Nature Energy, we can make use of our strong business model, as we know it works and can create tangible green results, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions. Experience is important, and we have gained important know-how about biogas production within a short period of time. This enables us to build new plants quickly and efficiently and get biogas production off the ground. 


Nature Energy can be an attractive partner for your company

At Nature Energy, we are at the fore in developing tomorrow's biogas production. We are becoming wiser and more efficient with every day that passes, and biogas is currently considered a key green technology for addressing the climate crisis. A partnership with us is therefore an investment in the green transition.

Collaboration is vital for the achievement of the climate change goals and a greener society. We are therefore always on the lookout for new and exciting collaborations. If you or your company are interested in a green partnership with Nature Energy and would like to promote a better understanding and distribution of biogas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide biogas solutions in both Denmark and abroad.