Nature Energy and Énergir invest billions in Canada

In the coming years, around DKK 7 billion will be invested in building up to ten biomethane plants in Quebec together with Énergir, Quebec's leading gas supply company. This is Nature Energy's largest investment to date outside the country's borders.


Nature Energy and Énergir will jointly develop, build, and operate biomethane plants that together can supply 200 million m3 of biogas per year, corresponding to one third of Quebec's target for CO2 reduction by 2030.


Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy, is looking forward to making a difference for the Canadian energy supply and green transition:


- With this partnership, we are significantly strengthening our presence in Canada. With our biomethane plants, we will produce a stable supply of green gas in Quebec and ensure agriculture efficient and valuable fertilizer based on the degassed biomass. This makes the entire energy production circular and profitable in a strong partnership with the local agriculture and business community.


Èric Lachance, CEO of Énergir Inc., adds:


- We have worked tirelessly for over ten years to develop the green biomethane in Quebec. With this agreement, we want to further accelerate and accelerate the development of biomethane production in Quebec. It also provides an opportunity to support the regions of Quebec with promising projects in their rural areas.


Nature Energy already operates 13 biomethane plants in Denmark and one in the Netherlands and has a plant under construction in France. In addition, there are a significant number of new plants on the way in Denmark, the USA, France, and the Netherlands in addition to Canada.


- We have the experience of both developing the projects and operating plants of this size, and we have a strong development department where we work with PtX and constantly optimize the production of biomethane, says Ole Hvelplund and explains that the extraction of biomethane from organic waste is as natural an energy resource as solar and wind.


- As long as there are people on earth, we need something to eat, and this produces organic waste in agriculture, the food industry and private households, he says.


The plants in Canada will be operated by Nature Energy, while Nature Energy and Energir will jointly manage the buildings according to Nature Energy's model.

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