Nature Energy and Nordion Energi Agree Biogas Development Partnership

A partnership agreement between Nordion Energi , specialized on energy infrastructure, and Nature Energy, a leader in biogas and renewable energy production from organic waste, will explore opportunities to increase the amount of biogas produced in Sweden.


The partnership will combine Nature Energy’s expertise in developing and operating large-scale biogas production facilities with Nordion Energi’s strengths in operating and developing energy infrastructure to enable connection of new biogas production to the grid.


Biogas is a renewable energy source that can replace fossil natural gas. And the ambitions for more biogas in the Swedish energy system are now a step closer to becoming a reality.


The partnership aims to take forward opportunities for biogas production facilities potentially being connected to the grid in western Sweden by 2030, subject to future Final Investment Decisions by both partners.


"This has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by enabling industry and heavy transport to switch to renewable energy sources more quickly," explains Hans Kreisel, CEO, from Nordion Energi and continues:


“Biogas already plays an important role in the green transition of the energy system. And for many companies, access to biogas is crucial for them to be able to convert their production. With our focused efforts to get large-scale production of biogas connected to our gas grid, we can offer a stable and sustainable supply of biogas to the customers who need it” Hans Kreisel states and stress that Nordion Energy is on track heading for the ambition to become the first fossil free gas grid in Europe.


Today, biogas accounts for 37.5 per cent of the gas in the western Swedish gasgrid and is still increasing.


Circular economy


A modern biogas plant can extract methane and CO2 from organic waste products from industry, agriculture and households and produce a biomethane that is similar to the fossil natural gas that can be extracted from underground.


The degassed biomass is returned to agriculture, where it acts as a fertilizer of the same quality as raw manure would.


Great potential in Sweden


In Denmark, Nature Energy already operates 13 biogas plants that produce about a third of the biogas in the Danish gas grid. The company also has a pipeline of new plant projects in the Netherlands, France, the USA and Canada.


And there is potential to extend this growth pipeline in Sweden, according to Ole Hvelplund, CEO at Nature Energy:


"Sweden has a well-developed gas network that is constantly being developed. At the same time, there are plenty of biomasses available for our large-scale plants and when we can feed the upgraded biomethane into the gas grid, we see exciting potential for future investments. We look forward to exploring this potential further in partnership with Nordion”, he states.


Once the relevant regulatory approvals have been obtained, it typically takes Nature Energy 18 months to build a biogas plant.


Contact information for the press


Saila Horttanainen, Communications Manager, Nordion Energi, +46 70 622 76 06

Rasmus Carlsen, Communications Director, Nature Energy, +45 30 28 67 20




  • Nature Energy's plants typically produces 20 million m3 of upgraded biogas equivalent to 0.2 TW.


  • The excess CO2 from the biogas plants can either be used in PtX plants, where CO2 together with hydrogen is made into biomethane or it can be collected and used in industry for welding, food production or dry ice.


  • Nature Energy currently operates 13 large biogas plants in Denmark and supplies about 1/3 of the biomethane in the Danish gas grid. The company is on its way with more plants in Denmark and will in the coming years start building biogas plants in the rest of Europe and in the USA and Canada.

  • Nordion Energi specializes in energy infrastructure and is driven by a clear purpose; To be involved in driving the transition towards 100% green energy. Nordion Energi is the TSO (Transmission System Operator) for the Swedish gas grid and also owns and operates the country's largest gas distribution network as well as electricity grid operations.

  • Nordion Energi ensures that industries, municipalities, combined heat and power plants, households, filling stations and restaurants always get their energy in a sustainable and safe way.

  • In southwestern Sweden, where Nordion operates, gas accounts for about 20 percent of the energy mix. For many industries, gas is a necessary input in production.

  • A large proportion of biogas is already transported in the Swedish gas grid. The proportion amounts to 37.5 percent and is steadily increasing.

  • Nordion Energi is also developing infrastructure for liquid biogas, hydrogen and CCS.


Who to contact

Rasmus Carlsen

Communications Director

Direct: +45 30 28 67 20
E-mail: raca@nature-energy.com
Region: DK