Nature Energy praises plans from SAS - Denmark to lead the way in biofuels

The world's largest producer of biogas, Nature Energy, supports the visionary climate goals laid out by SAS. There is a great deal of untapped potential for Denmark, particularly in the field of biofuels, which can be realised through collaboration among companies and through broad political support for the green shift.


SAS's new climate strategy sparks enthusiasm in Nature Energy CEO Ole Hvelplund. He particularly commends SAS's ambition to be using biofuel equivalent to the airline's fuel consumption for domestic flights by 2030.  

"SAS's climate plan is the right way to go for the aircraft industry and for Denmark. We support it 100%, and we are prepared to deliver the biogas needed to turn these ambitions and plans into a reality", says Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy. 

SAS stated in the Danish newspaper Berlingske that the company will buy the quantities of biofuel already available on the market, and that the potential in this area is very large for Denmark, which, given its market-leading expertise in environmental technology and innovation within agricultural waste management, has a unique opportunity to achieve an unrivalled leadership position. 

"Biogas can become Denmark's next major green export success. This requires us to invest in biogas and the green shift, and it demands that we make this investment now if we want to be a leader in green energy in the future. SAS is a brilliant example of this, and we hope that other companies and politicians will follow suit," says Hvelplund, continuing: 

"If we in Denmark are to live up to the massive potential of the green transition and biogas, it is essential that we stand together – citizens, companies, and political decisionmakers." 

Nature Energy and SAS are already cooperating with the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark to develop tomorrow's biofuels. 

"We've already started working, and we will hopefully have tomorrow's biofuel solutions soon. Biogas production will play a major role in this," says Hvelplund.


About Nature Energy


Nature Energy is Denmark’s largest producer of biogas. Together with our partners, we own and operate seven biogas plants, with additional plants currently in development. 

Biogas is an important element in the circular economy. Nature Energy produces biogas by using livestock manure, food waste and other organic waste products, solving urgent waste management problems affecting Danish society. 

Biogas also plays an important role in Danish CO2 accounting. As it replaces fossil natural gas, less natural gas needs to be recovered from the North Sea or other natural gas fields.  

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