Nature Energy Records Strong 2021 Results and Commences International Expansion

Nature Energy’s 2021 annual report highlights a strong and sustainable operational and financial performance. With an ever-increasing demand for biogas, the results provide an attractive starting point for continued growth over the coming years. Nature Energy’s biogas production in 2021 was 24% higher compared to 2020 reaching 158 Mio. m3.


In a comment on the annual report the CEO of Nature Energy, Ole Hvelplund states:


“2021 has been a good year for Nature Energy with high activity and increasing demand for our green solutions. These results build a strong foundation for Nature Energy’s continued growth and help to advance a greener and more circular energy transition. While we continue to grow our technology offerings, we focus on the production of green gas from industry, households, and food waste to provide a sustainable and secure supply of energy and fertilizers.”


Nature Energy's Board of Directors appreciates the solid performance in 2021:


"2021 was the year in which Nature Energy, in addition to producing biogas in Denmark strengthened activities in several international markets," Jesper Lok, Chairman of the Board of Nature Energy, says and adds: "We look forward to continuing this development as we experience significant global interest in the circular green biogas that Nature Energy produces.”


In addition, the CEO of Nature Energy Ole Hvelplund notes that the company has experienced significant interest in the benefits of biogas across markets:


“Our most important task is to increase production of climate-friendly biogas both nationally and internationally for the benefit of a green transition. The EU has doubled its target for biogas following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are working with governments around the world to ensure the right policy frameworks are developed to promote demand while accelerating the development of new circular biogas production and technologies.”

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