Nature Energy starts construction of a new large-scale Kvaers biogas plant in Southern Jutland

Nature Energy, Denmark’s largest biogas owner and operator with 11 plants in Denmark, has secured feedstock partnerships and started construction of a new large-scale biogas plant located in Kvaers close to Aabenraa in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark. The total investment for the biogas plant in Kvaers is over 300 mDKK and will start operations in April 2022.


The plant will be ready to produce large amounts of biogas already in April 2022 by using biomass under long term contract from local farmers, industry and households.


At first, Nature Energy’s large-scale biogas plant in Kvaers will be able to convert 400,000 tonnes of biomass to around 24 million m3 green gas on a yearly basis. With a full expansion of the plant, the production is planned to double to process 800,000 tonnes of biomass.


“Our large-scale biogas plant in Kvaers holds a great potential to produce large amounts of green and climate friendly biogas already in April 2022. The construction of the plant has now started, and we look forward to initiating the production in close collaboration with the local association of suppliers,” states Ole Hvelplund, CEO of Nature Energy, and continues:


“Biogas is considered one of the key green technologies in terms of enabling a fast and effective green transition here and now. Our plant in Kvaers is a great example of how we strive to build cutting edge biogas plants. We look forward to begin the production.” 


The biogas plant in Kvaers will be based on the Nature Energy Glansager biogas plant, which is a newly established large-scale biogas plant in the region that is already up and running and connected to the Danish gas grid.


The organic waste, which will be used in the biogas production, will primarily be manure from the local suppliers, deep litter and organic waste from the local industry. Further, the biogas plant will as a new feature be able to handle 30,000 tonnes of straw on a yearly basis.


Facts about Nature Energy Kvaers 


  • The construction is expected to last 18 months in total. Thus, it is the expectation that the plant is ready to produce biogas in April 2022

  • The biogas plant will be able to handle 800.000 tonnes of biomass annually once fully constructed. Initially, the plant will handle 400.000 tonnes per year

  • The 400.000 tonnes of biomass will provide a production of approximately 24 million m3 green gas a year
  • The total investment for Nature Energy Kvaers is 317 mDKK

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