New strategy to boost Nature Energy’s international growth ambitions: Will invest 35 billion DKK in new green biogas plants

With a new strategy, Nature Energy raises their ambitions for the international growth.


Therefore, the company will towards 2030 invest 35 billion DKK in building new biogas plants in new international markets. By 2024 Nature Energy will annually build between 10 and 15 new plants that will enhance the green transition.


This is only two of the elements in the new strategy that the largest producer of biogas in Denmark, Nature Energy, has just presented.


“With our new strategy we are aiming for the stars. We would like to be the most successful and respected producer of biogas in the world. This demands great investments, but we are committed to make these investments, as we must do our best to contribute to the green transition, and here biogas has an enormous potential to contribute to enhancing the green transition that is so necessary for our globe. We would like to do our part, and our new strategy will ensure that,” says Ole Hvelplund.

At the same time, the company’s production costs will over time be more than halved, says Ole Hvelplund.


“A few years ago, the large-scale production of biogas was an unknown territory, and therefore it was relatively expensive to develop the technologies. But we have used the past years to strengthen our production methods, and we have developed new technologies and methods, and we have at the same time gained extensive experience in producing biogas. This means that we now can produce biogas in a far more efficient and productive way. We must now use this experience to further boost the growth,” the Nature-Energy CEO states.


Nature Energy is today running 12 biogas plants in the EU, and by 2022, the company will extend their portfolio with plants in new markets in Europe and North America, and from 2024 the company will build up to 15 new plants a year.


“If the global society is to fulfill the green ambitions that have been set, there is a need for more green climate-neutral biogas. With this strategy we will deliver this green transition, and we are looking forward to expanding to new markets,” says Ole Hvelplund.


At the same time, the company has major technological breakthroughs in pipeline, and Ole Hvelplund expects that these within a short period of time will boost the growth of the company.

Simultaneously, Ole Hvelplund is encouraging the world’s politicians to follow up their ambitious green promises with action.


“The politicians of the world need to do what is necessary to uphold the Paris Agreement, and this is e.g. done by accelerating the green transition and investing in climate-friendly energy such as biogas. They need to act not only in word but also in deed, and we are ready to deliver” Ole Hvelplund finishes.


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