Green security of supply with slow-fill and fast-fill biogas

Biogas is a circular economy at its best. As the world’s leading biogas producer, we help secure the Danish energy supply. Our green solutions in slow-fill and fast-fill biogas refuelling systems help public and private players transition from fossil fuels to biogas.

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Refuel your vehicles overnight with a slow-fill refuelling system

With slow-fill, biogas (CBG) is compressed directly into the vehicle’s tank, and this refuelling process takes 6-10 hours. Therefore, slow-fill is primarily aimed at transport operators whose vehicles do not drive at certain times, such as buses that stop overnight. At Nature Energy, we offer turnkey slow-fill refuelling systems, and since 2011, we have helped many Danish companies in their green transition of large fleets.

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Refuel quickly and easily at a fast-fill refuelling station

The refuelling process with compressed biogas (CBG) from a fast-fill refuelling station takes 5-10 minutes - the same time as conventional fuel. For hauliers focused on carbon reduction and who have invested in more biogas lorries, a centrally located fast-fill refuelling station will minimise the time spent on refuelling and increase daily efficiency. At Nature Energy, we have extensive experience establishing, operating and maintaining our own publicly accessible, as well as private fast-fill refuelling stations. At our refuelling stations, you can use an ordinary payment card, or you can get one of our customer cards to receive a discount.